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hardware Classic   3V version of Mediator 4000D
  hardware Classic posted by DJS on 24-May-2016 22:23:40 (438 reads)
We are pleased to inform about new version of the Mediator 4000D:

Mediator PCI 4000D 3V MK-II

Mediator PCI 4000D 3V MK-III is a busboard for the Amiga 4000D motherboard installed in the tower case. Mediator PCI 4000D 3V MK-III is equipped with five PCI 2.2 slots and seven Zorro III/II slots (one of them used by the Mediator 4000 Core Logic card). It allows to use the wider range of the PCI cards, including cards which require 3.3V power rail.

Best regards,

  2 comments | Read more News   The book: AmigaOS 4.1 - Emulation News posted by radzik on 23-May-2016 18:38:08 (422 reads)
We have something absolutely new! We proudly present the first book about AmigaOS 4.1. Krzysztof "Radzik" Radzikowski take a closer look at emulation under WinUAE and FS-UAE for environments: MS Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

In the book you can find following topics:

- How to prepare and install a complete AmigaOS 4.1,
- How to use graphics, network and music cards - for Zorro and PCI slots,
- How to use the system every day and perform updates,
- How to download software and search for new applications,
- How to use Qt and AmiCygnix packages.

Shipment: August 2016

To order, please follow the link:

Software News   AmiKit for Android MK2
  Software News posted by AmiKit on 22-May-2016 10:32:15 (207 reads)

We're proud to present ultra fast AmiKit app for Android. Run Amiga on your phone or tablet - now with JIT and Touchscreen support. The fine-tuned compilation of more than 350 Amiga programs is now waiting for you to explore on your mobile device!

Purchase for 0 or more from Thank you. Enjoy!
(Desktop version for Windows, Mac and Linux is also available as well as portable USB edition)

  1 comment | Read more News   AMIcast Episode 12 - Jim Collas - Gateway News posted by radzik on 19-May-2016 11:21:14 (1313 reads)
I'm very proud of this episode! It's really special one, my guest is Jim Collas from Gateway!! Yes, the same guy that could save the Amiga.
Steve Jobs of the Amiga? Whole true about Gateway and Amiga from a first hand! Why and what happened? All things are included in this episode. Jim thanks again for this interview!
  22 comments (1 , 2)  

Miscellaneous News   REV'n'GE! #55
  Miscellaneous News posted by Seiya on 18-May-2016 19:45:55 (273 reads)
REV'n'GE! is a fanzine that review/compare games in vintage platforms

[url=]Facebook Link[/quote]
  1 comment  

Software News   New indieGO! Appstore client for all Amigans
  Software News posted by phoenixkonsole on 17-May-2016 10:12:00 (342 reads)
We have released a fixed client for all Amigans.
Other versions have not been updated because it was a specific bug which occurred only on Amiga-like systems.

This version has been build with the latest Hollywood version and is much much faster than the last "working" build because Fabio changed the way how the download-manager and the Appstore communicate.
  Read more  

Announcement   New Amiga Classic WebStore 68kforever
  Announcement posted by CosmosUnivers on 16-May-2016 5:20:26 (351 reads)
Here my Webstore of my little company 68kforever : 68kforever
  1 comment  

Software News   RapaGUI 1.0 - introducing the killer plugin!
  Software News posted by softwarefailure on 15-May-2016 15:47:22 (1890 reads)

Rapid Cross-Platform GUI Development On All Islands

This is the game changer you've been waiting for! Airsoft Softwair is proud to present its most ambitious Hollywood plugin yet: RapaGUI - a cross-platform GUI toolkit that allows the creation of native (!) GUIs for AmigaOS (MUI), Windows, Linux (GTK), and Mac OS based systems! This is a real killer plugin and truly a world's first because RapaGUI is the first cross-platform GUI toolkit to support Amiga-based systems with MUI as well. This is surely a dream come true for many Amiga users! In fact, RapaGUI is a MUI Royale spin-off with the killer app twist. Like in MUI Royale, GUI layouts in RapaGUI are conveniently defined in XML files which are then converted into full-blown GUIs by RapaGUI on-the-fly. It just doesn't get any easier!

MUI Royale and RapaGUI are very similar in their design. Thus, porting scripts from one to another is not much of an effort. A detailed migration guide from MUI Royale to RapaGUI is included in the RapaGUI manual. Note that for Amiga-only apps MUI Royale is still the number one choice because it allows you to access almost all of MUI's features whereas RapaGUI's focus is on full portability which is why its API represents the lowest common denominator between the Amiga, Windows, Linux and Mac OS GUI toolkits. All MUI fans will be happy to see that RapaGUI's API was heavily inspired by the MUI API so that you can now use the world-famous MUI API to write GUIs for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS as well!

RapaGUI uses an object-oriented design composed of over 40 MOAI (Magic Omnigui Architecture Interface) classes. Those MOAI classes constitute the heart of RapaGUI. All GUI elements supported by RapaGUI (windows, widgets, menu bars...) are simply objects derived from those MOAI classes. By wrapping the diverse native OS GUI APIs into platform-independent MOAI classes, those classes reduce the many faces of the different OS GUI APIs into just a single MOAI API face, carved in stone by RapaGUI!

RapaGUI supports all the widgets you need to create modern GUI applications, including multi-column listviews, treeviews, tabbed page widgets, toolbars, status bars, text editor widgets, menu bars, HTML views and much more. The highlight of RapaGUI, however, is certainly its inbuilt Hollywood MOAI class. This class allows dynamic embedding of complete Hollywood displays into GUIs which can be used to combine Hollywood's powerful multimedia functionality with RapaGUI's GUI abilities into one powerful application.

RapaGUI comes with almost 300 pages of documentation in various formats like PDF, HTML, AmigaGuide, and CHM that describes the GUI programming basics in detail and provides a convenient MOAI function and class reference. A step-by-step tutorial that guides you to your first RapaGUI program is also included. On top of that, almost 20 example scripts are included in the distribution archive, including advanced scripts like a complete video player which really show off the power of Hollywood and RapaGUI working together.

All this makes RapaGUI the ultimate cross-platform GUI toolkit, carefully crafted for you sailors of the seven GUI seas! Only RapaGUI allows rapid cross-platform GUI development on all islands - it is the ultimate fusion of all the different OS GUI toolkits into one MOAI face, carved in stone for eternity and beyond.

RapaGUI is the fourth plugin to bear the Powered by Hollywood 6.0 seal of quality as it utilizes the new display adapter plugin interface introduced with Hollywood 6.0. That's why we here at Airsoft Softwair say: Life starts at 6.0. Since RapaGUI requires a few enhancements introduced in Hollywood 6.1, you need at least Hollywood 6.1 to use RapaGUI. RapaGUI is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the official Hollywood portal. Versions for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are provided. AmigaOS users please do note that although RapaGUI is still compatible with MUI 3.8, it is highly recommended to install MUI 4.0 to use all of RapaGUI's features.

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.

  21 comments (1 , 2) News   New BlitzQuake version much faster for 040/060 News posted by CosmosUnivers on 11-May-2016 15:59:31 (402 reads)
Here a new compilation of the old 2002 port v1.31 from Christian Michael !

His version run at 19.2 fps on my 060 configuration, and now 23.5 fps with my v1.50 !!

Important, you need to use the mathieeedoubtrans.library 46.00 from Matthias Henze into Sys:Libs/

Here to download :

Amiga 68060 World Domination !

PS : I need a sysop/admin for helping me to setup well my GHOAC vBulletin forum. Anyone ?
  3 comments News   Recursion Computer Fair Saturday 2 July, Stratford-upon-Avon News posted by yoodoo2 on 13-May-2016 9:27:01 (269 reads)
Now in its 3rd year, the Recursion Computer Fair is back and will take place at King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday 2 July 11.00-16.00.

Join us to celebrate 30+ years of the Amiga - meet up with user groups, have a play on the latest hardware and have a chat with Amigans of all shapes, sizes and flavours! AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS, Classic Amigas, all side-by-side and not a pointless argument in sight!

The fair is completely free to all visitors and exhibitors and we are always keen to cram in another table of goodness: pm me or email rmbATkesDOTnet if you'd like to be added to the list of exhibitors. I'd especially like to hear from more user groups willing to bring along some kit to show off.

In addition to the Amiga madness, the RiscOS Midlands User Group will be holding their annual summer show as part of Recursion and there will be more retro and vintage systems from the 70s, 80s and 90s than you could possibly play on in just 5 hours!

There will be plenty of new stuff to have a go on too: hundreds of Raspberry Pis and Micro:Bits to play with; virtual reality experiences thanks to Oculus Rift; unmanned drone flight training; electronics and programming workshops and loads, loads more. Robotics and cool technology galore, with local Makerspace and Hackerspace stands.

Recursion is the ideal fair for geeks of all ages and vintages. See the Recursion website for more details Recursion 2016

Previous show reports can be found here and here

completely free

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